SPRING Learning Centre first enters ISLAND GARDEN, their philosophy is to help children achieve their development and learning potential throughout the crucial early years. Each programme works in harmony with a carefully designed environment to engage parents, carers and children alike.
Impressed is using disruptive technology to fundamentally change and improve how dry cleaning and laundry is done in Hong Kong. Through its mobile app, you are only few taps away from enjoying premium quality cleaning, on demand and convenient service at an affordable price. The IMPRESSED team strives to arrive doorsteps anywhere and anytime.
CALLFIXIE, born out of the everyday problem of finding the Fixies for one’s home. With this app, everything is faster, easier, and more transparent. With the CallFixie platform, Residents can reach out to hundreds of local tradesmen with one single post, while selecting the most preferable time for the job.
EF Locker is being stationed in ISLAND GARDEN. Users can use the mobile app to retrieve access codes, and send or pick up goods using the locker. EF Locker bring a new intelligent delivery experience to customers and provides time saving send-and- pickup services.
Green Monday is a social startup group that aims to tackle climate change and global food insecurity by making low-carbon and sustainable living simple, viral and actionable. Green Monday x Health Addiction’s healthy vending machine will also be introduced into the clubhouse.
Lazy allows residents to select a suitable time and date and are instantly matched with trusted cleaners registered in their network. Lazy brings you the most convenient way to book the best cleaners in town. If you are feeling lazy to do your cleaning, sit back and let them take care of all the household work.
PAKT is Asia’s first sustainable wardrobe solution. Everyone runs out of wardrobe space at some point, and PAKT was founded specifically to solve these wardrobe headaches. Manage your wardrobe online with PAKT’S digital solution.
FOODPANDA is the largest online and mobile food delivery platform and allows residents to order food from over 1,000 restaurants in Hong Kong. Ordering through the FOODPANDA APP to enjoy the fastest, easiest and most convenient dining experience.
BOXFUL was founded on the belief that storage should be simple, affordable and secure. They offer the service for residents to store and seamlessly manage belongings from computer. Know that everything is just a speedy delivery away.